The Film Reel (Excalibur)

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  • Song Name: The Film Reel (Excalibur)
  • Artist: Stu, James, Graham and Josh
  • Album: The Film Reel
  • Year: 2015

The Film Reel (Excalibur)

The gang are back (minus Nim), plus special guest and friend Josh as they talk about Excalibur.

Listen as..

- Josh schools everyone about King Arthur making everyone else seem like amateurs.
- We learn a bit of history.
- We get confused about learning history.
- Does this film still hold up today ?
- Could this be remade today and what would it be like ?
- Plus much much more.

Thank you to Josh for joining us, lets hope he visits again to talk swords, wizardry and maybe even lighsabers...